Books by Aubrey Parr

Racing From Chaos -- Sunrise Runners, book 2


It was Violet Moretti’s job to report each abduction on the morning news. The details consumed her thoughts and haunted her dreams. 

Detective Dean Kelly has been on the case from the first missing runner and wouldn’t sleep until he had him in cuffs. The entire ordeal has bonded them together. Could he help her keep it together and continue to smile for the camera each morning?

Love on the Malecon - - - - - - - Love on... Series, Book 1


Nicole meets Derek in beautiful Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. A trip to remember her father becomes a trip of a lifetime. Love on the Malecon is full of love, excitement and danger.

Love on Ocean Drive - - - - - - - Love on... Series, Book 2


The best friend in Love on the Malecon, Kate, gets her time to shine. Kate travels to see her friends in Miami Beach, Florida for a weekend trip. She never expected to meet sexy Dominic, her bad boy artist. Can she overcome her fears as a divorce attorney and believe true love can strike again? 

Gas Up the Jet, Baby: New York Love on... Series spin-off


A novella from the Love on... Series. On their way to New York, Nicole and Kate make a new friend and Lauren spends the weekend reconnecting with her older brother, falling for their sexy bartender, Zane and spending time with her new friends. 

Gas Up the Jet, Baby: Nashville Love on... Series spin-off


A novella from the Love on... Series. This time they set their sights on Nashville. As soon as they’re wheels-down, they meet Hope. She left everything she had in Atlanta to flee from her husband and try her hand at song writing. She meets the dad of a difficult teen and he could turn her world upside down. That is, if they can get past their previous relationships.